Trauma Release Meditation Advanced Course (Advanced TRM)

Sarah Beach
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Your intention powers the process.

Trauma Release Meditation (TRM) lets you release trauma stored in your physical body and take your trauma healing to the next level.

(Note: The Basic Course is not a prerequisite, although you may start there if you wish!)

TRM has myriad benefits, including increased focus, heightened neuroplasticity, and greater emotional regulation. More importantly, it helps you deeply process stored traumas hidden in your physical body. It's the next best step on your trauma healing journey.

This course includes:

  • An introduction and overview of TRM, it's origins, and philosophies
  • An overview of the benefits and purposes of TRM (and how it can help)
  • A lesson on the Anatomy of Trauma and how it can manifest in your life
  • Three (3) exercises on trauma patterns and how to recognize and release them
  • Information on TRM as a modality and how you can take it further
  • A meditation for attuning you to your body's signals and messages
  • A meditation for increasing intuition and mind/body oneness
  • A lesson in grounding and why it's so important for processing trauma
  • A lesson in setting meditation intentions and how to do it more effectively
  • A lesson in releasing subconscious blockages through deeply processing stored trauma
  • A lesson in tying these elements together to make your trauma healing journey more gentle and supportive (and avoid emotional detoxing)
  • Information on where to find more resources and support in your trauma healing journey

The course is taught by Dr. Sarah Beach, the founder of Trauma Release Meditation. She specializes in meditation, Reiki, and body/mind communication.

What people have said about TRM one-on-one sessions with Sarah:

"As a retired social worker and an active holistic practitioner, I know that it isn’t best to rely solely on one’s knowledge for self-improvement. When I learned that Sarah was facilitating Trauma Release Meditation, I reached out to her to help clear some blockages.

Through Sarah’s exceptional and gentle guidance, I was able to identify where the blockages existed, and why.  Furthermore, the vital process of releasing was completed. During the session, I interpreted that my mind and body were asking me to lighten up and give myself a break. The end result was a feeling of having walked away from stagnant air and into a fresh, new environment. 

Sarah is the ultimate guide, providing a safe and caring meditation while using her extraordinary perception to further enhance the process. I recommend her with no reservations and will return to her for further guidance."

--Lahna H., client

"I had the pleasure of working with Sarah as she guided me, virtually, through her Trauma Release Meditation. Sarah took time to explain the process before we started the meditation; as well as taking time after the meditation to talk about what I experienced. I fell quickly into a meditative state with the softness and gentleness of Sarah's voice. I felt as she was right there with me, holding my hand as I started on my release process. As feelings, emotions, visualizations were coming up for me to release, I felt safe with Sarah, safe to let go and be free. I had no idea I was holding on to certain situations from my past. I could literally feel where the pain was being housed and felt a release in the area that was being healed. I highly recommend Sarah and her guided meditation as she is a true Light in this Universe, helping guide people along their path of healing while holding space of love for all."

--Beth B., client


Are you a medical doctor and do you give medical advice?

Absolutely not. I share my own experiences and sometimes the experience of my clients. I do not diagnose any illnesses and any recommendations I make are purely based in my own work as a practitioner and a person with trauma. Please seek competent medical advice as needed.

Will I benefit right away?

Most do! Personally, I receive both immediate and longterm benefits from TRM, as do most of my clients. Sometimes it can take a little time to settle in, but the process is rewarding and includes lots of self-discovery.

Why is this course so cheap?

I do everything in my power to keep healing affordable. I know first hand the difficulty of affording basic necessities when living with trauma. You choose what to donate based on what you can give. I will never ask you for more or upsell you once you get inside. The most I'll do is tell you about other relevant products. That's my guarantee. The generous donations of people just like you make this possible, so thank you <3

What can I do with this course when I'm done?

This course supports you in furthering your TRM practice, either with guided meditation recordings or your practitioner. Check out my Advanced and Practitioner courses for using TRM in even more powerful ways!

Can I make money by selling this course for you?

Yes! Reach out via my website and we'll talk about making you an affiliate. Affiliates receive a percentage from every course they sell.

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My commitment to keeping healing affordable: I make every product as low-cost as I can. My goal is to never raise my prices. Donating generously, sharing this course with a friend or family member, and supporting my other sites are all powerful ways to keep healing affordable for you, me, and everyone else.

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You'll get 3.5 hours of guided online instruction with the founder and developer of Trauma Release Meditation and a lifetime of self-guided meditation


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Trauma Release Meditation Advanced Course (Advanced TRM)

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